On Saturday, April 17, volunteers from Warwick Valley Gardeners joined forces to beautify the grounds at Pacem In Terris. Beds were raked and debris cleared to make room for Spring and Summer growth. Pacem In Terris is not a traditional garden, but a natural landscape filled with native plants such as sweet woodruff, lungwort, daylily, daffodils, berries, trilliums, violets, and more.

Pacem in Terris is a trans-religious space along the Wawayanda River in Warwick, NY created by Frederick and Claske Franck. The grounds are open to the public and feature thought provoking sculptures and meditative spaces. On weekends visitors are free to wander along the brook, visit the “transreligious chapel,” and walk the spiral labyrinth cut in the lawn.

Franck’s art reflects both a meditative calm and harmony as well as a harsher truth of disharmony, war and violence; all with an eye to a more peaceful existence.  Franck used metal, glass, wood and found objects to create his sculptures which live in three sections on his property.  Visitors might be moved by Franck’s call for peace in times of war, enjoy his whimsical art, and enjoy the stunning natural surroundings. 

Visit the official Pacem In Terris website here: https://www.frederickfranck.org/

Photos by Mabelyn Glanzman.

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