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Warwick Valley Gardeners is affiliated with the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State in the 10th District. As such it will be charted nonprofit by the State of New York, operating within the guidelines of the Federation. The Warwick Valley Gardeners pay annual dues to the Federation and to the 10th District based on the Club’s total membership. 

The purpose of Warwick Valley Gardeners is to create a love for and an interest in gardening, to encourage learning the lure of horticulture, design, and flower arranging, to aid in the conserving of natural flora, to cooperate in beautifying public grounds, coordinating activities with community leaders, and promote and support activities sponsored by the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State. 

Membership is open to any interested gardener upon completing a membership application, paying dues and fulfilling the requirements of active membership. 

Member Responsibilities

Active members shall have the privilege of voting, and shall support the activities of the Club. They are required to serve on the Hosting Committee once annually. They must attend 3 general meetings annually, and participate in an annual fund raiser. They shall serve on a committee, and shall work on a community garden. New members may be accepted at any general meeting after completing a membership application and paying dues. Dues may be prorated after approval of the Executive Board and the Membership Chairperson.

Mail membership forms and dues to:

Warwick Valley Gardeners
PO Box 562
Warwick, NY  10990

Please make checks out to:

Warwick Valley Gardeners

Membership Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost money to join?

Yes. Dues are to be paid for the purpose of funding functions of the Club as well as complying with the District, State and National Guidelines. The deadline for dues is November 30. 

Do I have to attend meetings?

Yes. Your presence at at least three of the eight monthly meetings is required. Meetings shall be held during the third Tuesday of the month, at a time, place and date set by the Executive Board. 

Can I choose what to focus on?

Yes. Warwick Valley Gardeners juggle a lot of projects at any given time, and there is something for everyone. We ask that each member participate in one of our fundraisers, and the maintenance of one community garden. Members can also choose multiple committees to serve on. 

Will my ideas be welcome?

Yes. We are a democratic bunch and open to fresh ideas. We’d love to hear your input.

Will i help with the garden tour?

Yes! Every member is encouraged to chip in for the big event. 

Has the club won any recent awards?

Yes! Warwick Valley Gardeners won the following grants and awards:

Winner of the 2023 National Garden Clubs Plant America Grant
Winner of the 2023 Federated Garden Clubs of New York State 1st Place Awards for
• Butterflies and Pollinators
• Native Plants and Wildflowers
• Wildlife Survival

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